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When 14 February comes around, thinking of the perfect Valentine’s gift idea for your partner is not easy. Something quirky for your husband or boyfriend? Maybe something romantic for your wife or girlfriend?

With this in mind, here’s 5 great reasons why giving socks is a surprisingly good Valentine’s gift idea.

A sock subscription is unusual

Thinking of gifts for your other half can be pretty difficult. What to get if they have everything they will ever need? When you find yourself in this situation it’s time to start looking for a quirky gift, something that is unusual and different. A sock subscription< for men or women is perfect - something that will raise a smile as it is out of the ordinary.

A sock gift is a thoughtful gift

A Valentine’s present should be, if nothing else, something that is thoughtful. Luxury bamboo socks are a special item of clothing to own and to give socks as a Valentine gift says that you are kind and thinking of your partner.

Socks are a sexy gift for Valentine’s Day

Are socks sexy? Well they can be! Really it’s all about how you feel - if everything you are wearing feels just right then you will feel just right… and feeling good in yourself is a sexy feeling.

A joint present is a romantic present

Couples who have been together for a long time often buy a gift for their partner which they can both benefit from. Many sock subscriptions or sock gift boxes contain 2 pairs of socks so while the gift is from one person to their other half they both get the pleasure from the gift when it arrives.

A sock subscription is the gift that keeps giving

A socks subscription is a lovely gift as it is not just a one off present which is soon forgotten. With the subscription a delivery comes through the letterbox every month, reminding your partner of you each time the parcel arrives.

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