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Giving socks to your father - or any other man for that matter - has always been seen as a bit of a cliché and maybe almost a joke present. But that is really rather unfair because most men actually love getting socks - especially good quality ones.

The thing is that when men buy socks for themselves they rarely give what they are buying much thought and often opt for a multipack in a single colour and usually at as cheap as possible.

So, given this, there are a few things that men like when they end up receiving socks as a gift...

Firstly, they like that touch of quality - top notch cotton socks with a hand-linked toe is something that men rarely buy for themselves.

Father's day sock subscription

Secondly, it is nice to have interesting patterns and designs on their socks. Men often think that they should play it safe with sock design but then when somebody gets some patterned socks for them as a gift then they like that slightly funkier look that lurks just below the bottom of their trousers and just above their shoes!

And finally, it is one less clothes-buying decision that they have to worry about. Many - not all - but many men like that feeling!

At Socks In A Box we find that our socks are bought for dads - our customers let us that they are very popular for the reasons suggested above.

So - even if you think it is a cliché why not treat your dad to a sock subscription this Father's Day?