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Single Homeless Project

Single Homeless Project

The Single Homeless Project charity began over 40 years ago and is still going, London-wide, helping to prevent homelessness and give assistance to vulnerable and socially excluded people.

The charity has various programmes set up to achieve these aims such as supported accommodation, tenancy support, support for those who are sleeping rough and for young people caught in the trap of homelessness, often after leaving care. In 2019-20 more than 1,200 homeless adults, care leavers and young people at risk were provided a safe place to live.

Alongside the provision of secure accommodation, there is also 1-1 support available to help tackle the underlying causes of people’s homelessness. The charity focuses on four priority areas: mental health, substance misuse, offending and the needs of vulnerable young people, such as those leaving care.

Keeping someone off the streets is only the first step. To break the cycle of homelessness, our accommodation services focus on equipping people to move on with their lives and achieve sustainable, long-term recovery.

In 2019-20 the charity helped over 900 people to move into their own independent accommodation, and nearly 200 into employment. It also helped over 500 people into training or education.

Socks In A Box is proud to help Single Homeless Project and charities like this, providing donations of new socks which are one of the most needed clothing items for homeless people.