Can those small but essential wardrobe items really tell a first date you’d make a suitable significant other or the person interviewing you for that high-flying new job if you are the perfect employee? At Socks In A Box we’re taking a closer look to give anyone having a hard time picking out which patterns to choose for their sock subscription box a helping hand. Or foot, so to speak.

For example, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a tailored Paul Smith number but if you choose to set it off with with a pair of thick white sports socks no one is going to be impressed. Something from our monthly sock subscription Modern Classic collection however – now you’re talking. Try blue or subtly patterned men’s socks which denote trustworthiness and imagination. You’re not plumping for basic black, but you don’t look like you’ve just left the gym and forgotten to pack a clean pair of socks in your kit bag either. 

Opting for something a little bolder such as a statement check says the wearer has confidence, but also has a sense of style and fun. More out-going socks are great for the weekend – especially if you have a day job that dictates you must stick to black, navy, or grey – but they also work in more creative and laid back working environments too.

One thing to steer clear of when picking patterns is those comedy socks (usually paired with novelty ties) that appear like a plague of locusts at Christmas and are the last resort of family members who have no idea what to buy each other. Wearing a pair of Simpsons / Futurama / Bojack Horseman / (insert favourite cartoon here) socks does not make you ‘wacky’. It makes you look unprofessional, slightly silly, and like you have family members who don’t know you very well!

One other word of warning – or advice, depending on your point of view – unless you want to look like a politician or a ladies’ man, avoid red socks. Also yellow socks, which are seen as the sock of choice for attention seekers.

Do you know someone that needs to up their sock game and let their true personality shine through when it comes to accessorizing? Treat them to a delivery of monthly socks and you can rest assured that they’ll be letting their feet do the walking AND the talking for them.