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Why Socks Still Are The Gift Every Dad Wants

Giving socks to your father - or any other man for that matter - has always been seen as a bit of a cliché and maybe almost a joke present. But that is really rather unfair because most men actually love getting socks - especially good quality ones.

Sock gift subscriptions

The thing is that when men buy socks for themselves they rarely give what they are buying much thought, often opting for a multipack in a single colour and usually as cheap as possible.

Here at Socks In A Box, we obsess over our socks, the colours, the designs, the quality and the fit. So you can be assured that dads across the land will appreciate a lovely pair (or two) of socks dropping through the letter box once a month. A nice little montly reminder of their nearest and dearest!

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Gift Sock Subscriptions

Something special

To make things a little more special, when you select your sock subscription, if you indicate it's for Father's day, we'll print your personalised message on our custom-designed inserts, just in case there was any doubt who the socks were for!

So - even if you think it is a cliché why not treat your dad to a sock subscription this Father's Day?

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Quality socks

Designed in the UK, our socks are striking without being gaudy. We take care to ensure that a different design is delivered each time with our monthly sock subscriptions, while our sock gift boxes are full of colourful socks that complement each other perfectly.

Superior quality socks
Superior quality socks

Our 200 needle count socks (200 is a very high number, by the way) give greater comfort, wear better, and last longer.

Sustainable bamboo
Sustainable bamboo

Bamboo is far more sustainable than cotton as it grows faster, uses a tenth as much water, and does not cause soil erosion.

Designed for comfort
Designed for comfort

Our socks feature a hand-linked toe, which means the socks have a flat seam, giving your feet total comfort all day long.

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