Corporate gifts

Sock gift boxes for colleagues, customers or as a prize

Why Socks In A Box?

Socks In A Box has a flexible approach to working with clients to provide corporate gift services. This can include one-off sock gifts or a series of deliveries (like a subscription)

We help bring unique and bring imaginative gifts to your employees, customers or suppliers. We can also personalise and customise your gift so that the messaging is relevant.

From single boxes, to customised gifts that last for months, we can adapt your corporate sock gift to suit your requirements.

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Employee Rewards

  • Value & motivate your staff
  • Reward efforts & innovation
  • Enforce a positive company ethos
  • We work to any budget and appeal to all ages and demographics
  • Site-wide employee discounts

Customer Gifts

  • Increase retention and value customers
  • Maintain loyalty
  • Improve customer image and perception
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Generate new leads and referrals
  • Maximise sales opportunities

Supplier Gifts

  • Thank your suppliers and partners and generate a happy, long-term relationship
  • Gain prospective partners with incentives
  • Show you're invested and committed in a strategic partnership